Pallet stabilization

Adhesives used in pallet stabilisation offer a space-efficient, affordable, and safe way to transfer items between multiple sites.

Utilizing adhesives when palletizing creates a more stable load that minimises product damage by preventing product movement on the pallet. Adhesives do not impede or harm packaging or barcodes, and there is no moisture trapped as there might be with foil or film.  The amount of shrink film and interlayers is significantly reduced when adhesives are used in pallet stabilisation, and the cost of disposal and recycling is minimised.

Pallet stabilisation is the ideal option to address the growing requirement to limit the use of single-use plastics because it can reduce the need for stretch film by up to 50%.

“Pallet stabilization is an innovative technique that is gaining popularity in the food and beverage industry. It is a practical packaging option that reduces the amount of plastic shrink wrap used, helping you in achieving your environmental objectives.”

How does pallet stabilization work?

Pallet stabilization works by stacking goods using a small amount of adhesive on the outer packaging, securing everything together as one whole unit.

The hotmelt adhesive can be directly applied to the pallet or covered with a slip-sheet to ensure that the entire unit is secure and prevents slipping or any movement during shipment.

Once the pallet has arrived at its destination, the individual sections can be taken out as needed while keeping the packaging in tact and maintaining the pallet’s stability.

Why Consider Pallet Stabilisation?

Advantages of antislip gluing at a glance

Stable and reliable structure during storage and transportation
Increasing efficiency through integration into production process and safe operation
Adhesive is heat & humidity resistant
Simple depalletizing with little waste
No concealing of goods, graphics, or barcodes
Compliance with statutory regulation regarding plastic foils can be ensured

Positive Environmental Effect

Companies must proactively review and modify their packaging processes in order to meet their environmental goals in light of the mounting push to implement and improve environmental incentives.

The methods that have the biggest positive effects on the environment and the economy are likely to use less materials. Because the glue is integrated into the original package and doesn’t require further disposal or recycling, this method can be quite effective. Without the use of additional materials, the pallet is secure even when it is broken apart.

Using purely shrink wrap

  • Using 7 Interlayers
  • 0.8kg of Stretched Wrap Film needed

Using purely shrink wrap

  • Zero Interlayers required
  • 0.2kg of Stretched Wrap Film used

Cost Reduction

Pure stretch wrap methods might cost up to five times as much as adhesives. Shrink wrap recycling can be expensive and involves a rigorous procedure involving outside parties that takes time and effort to set up. Additionally, if the shrink wrap was stolen from the pallet during transit or was damaged, it needs to be replaced, which raises the price per item.

The return on investment can be reached quickly through the savings made by using adhesive and reducing materials used. Here is a couple of example case to demonstrate this:

Reduction in film consumption by up to 90%

Reduction in material costs by up to 80%


This is a crucial component of every business, especially because the packaging sector includes a wide range of organisations, from SME’s to global corporations. This approach is flexible and can be applied to any type of business model.

Pallet stabilisation adhesive can be applied by hand applicator utilising our Tec glue guns, and it can be combined with a small amount of stretch wrap for cosmetic protection.

Larger fully automated solutions are also available meaning pallet stabilisation can be installed in all sizes of operations.

Improve Safety

With Pallet Stabilisation, the pallet remains secure even when individual goods have been removed. This can be a huge benefit for any products going into a store, as they can remain on the pallet while staying safe for consumers to collect their products as they shop. Also, across the supply chain it minimises risk for operators when moving good around throughout transit.

Adhesive systems offer safety features such as automatic shut-down and false trigger guarding to protect operators during production, also minimising operator interaction with equipment and reducing the risk of machine related injury.

“Pallet stabilisation is a very effective, innovative technique method used in the packaging industry. It is swiftly rising to the top of sustainable packaging thanks to its important advantages of cost savings and lowering our plastic footprint, which help businesses go closer to achieving their environmental goals.”

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