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Power Adhesives is dedicated to improving the performance and application
of hot melt adhesive systems for users around the world

Featured product launch

Introducing the world’s first fully certified biodegradable shaped hot melt adhesive*

Tecbond 214B

Based on our best-selling
packaging adhesive

*EN13432 certified

44% bio-based

Formulated using 44% bio-based materials, 214B breaks down after use with no harmful effects to nature.

Fast application & setting time

Based on our best-selling packaging grade, tecbond 214B gives you the ability to seal more cartons in less time, speeding up the manufacturing process.

Non-toxic & solvent free

The adhesive is free from any harmful solvents or chemicals, making it safe to handle and use.

For use on carton & board

Bonds a wide range of uncoated cardboard and paper substrates, including wrap-around cartons and POS display boxes.

Featured product launch

World leading manufacturer of hot melt adhesives & applicators

Power Adhesives has been paving the way in hot melt glue guns and glue stick technology for over 40 years, constantly introducing new applications and uses for our wide range of products.

As market leaders we have researched, developed, manufactured and distributed a large range of high quality and competitively priced hot melt applicators and shaped adhesives around the world. This has placed us in a unique position, able to offer industry-specialist knowledge on all aspects of commercial bonding operations using hot melt adhesives.

TecTM Glue Guns

Sold under the tec brand, our glue guns set the standard in hot melt applicators. Whether you are looking for a craft glue gun, something more industrial or anything in between, the tec range of tools covers a vast array of applications.

Tecbond® Adhesives

Glue from Power Adhesives is sold under the tecbond brand and continues to raise the bar within the hot melt adhesives industry. A continuous programme of research and development at our modern UK production facility ensures we are able to meet the ever-evolving needs of key markets, and provide our customers with effective solutions.
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Power Adhesives is dedicated to improving the performance and application of hot melt adhesive systems for users around the world.

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