Tecbond Adhesives – Glue Sticks

Non Toxic Glue Sticks

Without the use of toxic solvents, Tecbond hot melt adhesives deliver rapid, permanent bonding on a wide range of materials. They’re great for quick, repeated glueing jobs.

Glue Sticks or Cartridges

Our hot melts come in stick or cartridge form, and may be conveniently fed into hand-held glue guns. The solid adhesive is placed into a heated chamber and melts before being extruded through the nozzle by gently squeezing the trigger.

Bind most materials

Hot melt adhesives can bind most materials as long as the pieces can be combined while the glue is still molten. The molten adhesive is applied to one of the to be joined surfaces. When the pieces are squeezed together, the heat quickly drains into the substrates, solidifying the adhesive and forming an immediate connection or seal.

Glue working times

Our hot melts have working timeframes ranging from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the adhesive composition, ambient temperature, substrate temperature, and the amount and configuration of the adhesive used.

Tecbond Hot Melts

Tecbond hot melts are solid, non-toxic adhesives that contain no solvents (no VOCs) or water. Users do not have to be concerned about smells or mould in completed items, nor do they have to pay for a solvent that just disappears. Tecbond hot melt adhesives are safe and simple to store, with a nearly infinite shelf life.

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