Our Mission,
Values & Quality

Power Adhesives is dedicated to improving the performance and application of hot melt adhesives for users around the world.

Power Adhesives continues to develop solutions for a range of markets, designing and manufacturing world-leading hand-held guns and shaped hot melt adhesives. With nearly 50 years’ experience, we are expertly placed to offer specialist knowledge on all aspects of commercial bonding applications.

Continuous innovation and improvement

Research and development is at the heart of Power Adhesives’ operations.

We are committed to a program of constant improvement and innovation, to ensure our products remain at the forefront of every market in which they’re used.

We believe in creating robust application systems and reliable hot melt adhesives that simply work.

Core values

Treating all staff, customers, and suppliers as we would like to be treated.

Building long-term, trusted relationships

Improving products and manufacturing processes through continued investment

Encouraging innovation and progress at all levels of the business

Exploring ways to minimise our environmental impact

Providing ongoing training and development opportunities for all staff members, underpinned by a safe and secure employment environment

Our core values form the basis of our company culture, and guide all decision-making processes within the business. They set the standard for our operations and enable staff across the company to form trusted relationships, both internally and externally.

This culture underpins the quality of the business and the strength of our products in markets throughout the world.

Employee safety & equality

We take the safety of our employees seriously – stringent measures are in place to protect every member of our team, particularly around plant equipment.

Power Adhesives is proud to be an equal opportunities employer.

We respect people, value diversity and possess an ongoing commitment to equality

Become a distributor for Power Adhesives

Power Adhesives is dedicated to improving the performance and application of hot melt adhesive systems for users around the world.

We’re always on the lookout for motivated, knowledgeable distribution companies that we can build long-lasting partnerships with. If you think your customers could benefit from any of the products in our range, get in touch now to find out more about how we can work together.