Skimender – The repair system for skis and snowboards

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The skimender system is a fast, easy, and reliable solution for repairing both ski and snowboard bases. Unlike other ski-repair systems, the skimender system has a selection of different application methods tailored to suit the complexity and durability of the repair.

Skimender candles provide a cost-effective and simple solution for temporary fixes to light scratches and core shots without the need for specialized tools.

Temporary ski and snowboard repairs

Available in transparent or black 8mm diameter sticks, the repair candles can be lit at one end and the molten material dripped into the damaged area. The excess can then be trimmed using the skimender scraper tool to create a smooth finish. Unlike many comparable repair sticks, skimender candles will melt within a few seconds of being heated, decreasing overall working time.

Repair rods and tools

Alternatively, 12mm skimender repair rods can be used with the RP105, RP108B, or RP360 applicators to achieve a more robust finish compared to the repair candles. All three tools feature an adjustable full-hand trigger for increased comfort while also enabling the user to dictate the material flow rate, preventing over-application. Over-application can result in more excess waste product and a more difficult cleaning process.

Light ski and snowboard repairs

Both the RP105 and RP108B are lightweight applicators designed for skiers and snowboarders who wish to carry out their own light base repairs quickly and efficiently. The flat-head nozzle iron on both tools makes it easier to apply and compress repair material into the damaged area. This compression ensures the damaged area is properly filled, resulting in a stronger bond.

Whereas the RP105 is a corded tool for home or workshop use, the RP108B is a cordless battery-powered tool, meaning users can perform repairs anywhere. Designed to be compatible with the Ryobi One+ battery system, the RP108B can also operate with seven of the most popular battery brands when used with the optional Badaptor battery adapter.

Professional ski and snowboard repairs

For more professional, permanent repairs, the RP360 is a high-performance applicator with a heated iron head specially designed for ski and snowboard repair. Unlike other professional base repair tools, the iron head on the RP360 has its own electronically controlled heater. This maximises the iron temperature, greatly improving weld strength for a permanent repair. The tool also comes with a detachable magnetic base to securely hold it when not in use.

If you’d like any additional information about skimender or would like to request a demonstration, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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