Knottec 7713 – The more efficient way to fill and repair wood defects

Filling and repairing knots, scratches, splits, and large voids in wood can be a costly and time-consuming operation, with not all repair systems guaranteeing consistent, long-lasting results.

Knottec 7713 has been specifically formulated for the fast and long-lasting repair of these wood defects, while adding many adhesive benefits that other systems cannot offer.

The polyamide-based hot melt filler provides tough, hard-wearing repairs on indoor hardwood objects such as wooden doors, hardwood flooring, and furniture. Requiring very little preparation and working time, knottec 7713 is most commonly used in the hardwood flooring industry as an alternative to wood putties and epoxies.

Available in 17 different shades to achieve the best colour match possible, knottec 7713 doesn’t require any mixing or moulding like putties and epoxies. As well as cutting down on potential waste, this also allows the user to start work straight away.

Knottec 7713 can be dispensed from the glue gun almost immediately, with one 12mm stick able to fill several large knots and voids with no downtime in between. Once applied, rather than having any waste filler left over, the glue stick can be left in the gun and remelted the next time it’s switched on.

After application, knottec adhesives will dry within minutes rather than hours, a process that can be accelerated further with the use of the knottec heat sink blocks or heat sink tool. These help to not only compress the material into the defect and ensure the area is properly filled, but also cool it as quickly as possible. The finished area can then be trimmed, sanded, and painted in the normal way.

Alongside its filling capabilities, knottec 7713 has many adhesive properties, allowing it to be used for certain bonding applications, the most common of which is securing loose hardwood flooring panels where ‘voids’ have formed. The user simply drills a hole in the affected floorboard and dispenses a small amount of knottec 7713 into it before pressing down to form a bond. Any overflow material can then be trimmed and sanded down.

As with all the adhesives in the tecbond range, knottec 7713 is non-toxic, containing no organic solvents or harmful chemicals. With its sealed zip-lock packaging and silica pouches, knottec 7713 is protected from oxygen and moisture, giving it a guaranteed shelf life of two years when kept in this condition.

For additional information about knottec, including sample requests, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

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