LM41 – The low melt adhesive for the hobby and craft industries

LM41 is a clear, all-purpose adhesive, formulated for use in low melt glue guns. Featuring impressive output with minimal stringing, its class-leading bond strength provides excellent adhesion to a range of substrates, including paper, card, wood, ceramic, fabric, foam, and some plastics.

Mainly used in the hobby, craft, and educational industries, the adhesive can be easily pigmented, making it one of the very few low melt adhesives on the market that can be made into almost any colour.

Compared to traditional hot melts, LM41 is designed to be dispensed at lower temperatures without compromising bond strength. Conventional hot melts are dispensed at temperatures ranging from 160°C upwards. LM41, on the other hand, is dispensed at around 130°C. This enables it to be used on heat-sensitive substrates such as balloons and polystyrene without the risk of thermal damage.

Available in 12mm sticks, the adhesive is designed as part of the hot melt system supplied by Power Adhesives. Both equipment and adhesives are optimised to work in partnership with each other, resulting in the highest possible performance and output for the user. LM41 works with any low melt or temperature adjustable gun in the tec and b-tec range.

As with all the products in the tecbond range, LM41 is non-toxic, contains no organic solvents, and doesn’t produce any airborne particles when dispensed. This not only makes LM41 more environmentally friendly than any solvent-based adhesive but also safer to use as operators don’t require any respiratory PPE.

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Tecbond LM41

Sizes (mm):
7, 12, 15, 43
Open time:
Application temp:
Viscosity / cPs:
12000 @ 130 °C
Low temp:
If you’d like any additional information or would like to request a sample, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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