Spraytec 410 & 420 – The “sprayable” hot melt adhesives

For over 10 years, Power Adhesives has been manufacturing specialised 43mm adhesive slugs designed to be applied via a unique spray-like application. The pioneering grades of this range, spraytec 410 and spraytec 420, not only provide users with a safer alternative to aerosol-spray adhesives thanks to their lack of harmful VOCs, but also allow them to use hot melt adhesive in situations where it would previously have been impossible.

Spraytec 410 and 420 are synthetic polymer-based hot melt adhesives formulated in tandem with the tec spray guns, to let users apply adhesive quickly and efficiently over large surface areas. Both formulations provide solid bonds to a variety of substrates including expanded polystyrene, bubble film, upholstery foams and fabrics. When applied, they are near clear in colour to avoid unsightly marks on see-through materials.

Both formulations are designed to work with the pneumatically assisted range of tec spray guns but can also be used with the range of bead application guns if required.

Spraytec 410’s primary usage is as a pallet stabilisation adhesive for sacks and cartons. Removing the need for excessive amounts of shrink-wrap, the adhesive provides a non-slip bond between each layer with sufficient tack to hold the cartons or sacks in place, without causing excessive material damage when they are taken off the pallet.

The adhesive’s application method also makes it ideal for attaching lightweight foams and polystyrene to the insides of protective cases. The adhesive cools rapidly upon extrusion ensuring it doesn’t melt or burn the foam, while the increased coverage ensures there is a much stronger bond than possible with traditional bead guns.

Spraytec 410’s high temperature resistance of 85°C ensures bonds remain solid under warmer conditions. Other adhesives used for this application tend to fail under high temperatures, allowing bonds to creep.

Spraytec 420 is a more general-purpose adhesive, primarily used in the manufacture of mattresses and HVAC units. It can also be used as a carpet adhesive, replacing the need for nails and tacks around stair nosing and skirting boards. It retains many of the same adhesive properties of spraytec 410, whilst offering the user more flexibility in both working conditions and bonding capabilities.

Complementing its three-minute open time, spraytec 420 has higher instant tack than spraytec 410, allowing substrates to be accurately positioned without the adhesive setting while ensuring a secure bond once substrate compression occurs.

For more information about spraytec adhesives, or to request a demo, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.


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Tecbond 420

Sizes (mm):
Open time:
3 minutes
Application temp:
Viscosity / cPs:
4500 @ 180 °C
Low temp:
Off White
If you’d like any additional information or would like to request a sample, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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