Tecbond 248 – The strong and reliable multi-purpose hot melt adhesive

One of the best-selling formulations in the tecbond range, tecbond 248 takes hot melt glue sticks to a new level in performance bonding. Used in both the construction and product assembly industries, its strong bonding properties, coupled with a good open time and fast setting speed, make it the go-to adhesive for tradespeople.

Tecbond 248 is an acrylic-based, clear hot melt adhesive designed to provide exceptional adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including many plastics that otherwise have proved difficult to bond. Excellent bonds can be achieved on wood, fabric, leather, concrete, rubber, glass, ceramics, and most metals. 248 has also been widely used on many plastics, such as PVC, polycarbonate, and acrylic thanks to its strong chemical bonding capabilities.

When working with heat-sensitive substrates, tecbond 248 can be extruded at lower temperatures to reduce the risk of material damage. Reducing application temperature has the added benefit of increasing 248’s viscosity, negating any sag that can occur when applying to vertical surfaces. For the strongest possible bond, it is recommended to apply tecbond 248 at the highest possible temperature (around 195°C).

The grade is the go-to for many hardwood flooring and carpet installers due to its instant grab and good open time. Once applied, 248 will maintain its high tack for around a minute, allowing flooring or tack strips to be accurately positioned before compression. Once compressed, tecbond 248 sets almost instantly without the need for clamping or holding in place, facilitating faster working.

Complementing its bonding capabilities, 248 has excellent low-temperature resistance, meaning the bond will not become brittle if exposed to temperatures as low as -5°C.

When used with the tec range of applicators, tecbond 248’s delivery rate speeds up the application, while its low stringing content means that no adhesive is wasted when users release the trigger. The tec range of applicators is designed to work in partnership with the tecbond adhesive range to deliver optimal results with low effort and energy consumption. Any adhesive left in the applicator after use is not wasted but simply remelted the next time the tool is switched on. Tecbond 248 is available in 12mm and 15mm sticks and 43mm slugs.

As with a majority of adhesives in the tecbond range, tecbond 248 has a near-unlimited shelf life with no risk of expiring or drying out.

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Tecbond 248

Sizes (mm):
12, 15, 43
Open time:
Application temp:
Viscosity / cPs:
7000 @ 180 °C
Low temp:
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