Tecbond 267W – The solution to bonding polyolefin plastics

Polyolefin plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene have always proven difficult to bond. Many adhesives are unable to effectively wet the surface of these plastics to form a chemical bond, or to penetrate the polymer chains to form a physical bond.

Tecbond 267W is a white, polymer-based hot melt adhesive designed to bond polyolefin plastics through a chemical bond. Best applied at around 200 °C for maximum adhesion, tecbond 267W can also be used to bond materials such as polycarbonate, nylon, rigid PVC, and light gauge metals.

Mainly used in the production of crash helmets, sun visors, automotive trim, and white goods (fridges, washing machines, etc.), tecbond 267W is the perfect adhesive for many product-assembly applications with its high bond strength and effectiveness on a range of substrates outside of just polyolefin plastics.

Beyond its ability to bond difficult substrates, tecbond 267W’s main property is its high- and low-temperature resistance. Finished bonds can be subjected to temperatures of around 100 °C at their highest point and 0 °C at their lowest point, without compromising their strength or rigidity. This allows the adhesive to be used in a variety of environments and in the production of goods that require fluctuating temperatures, such as fridges, washing machines, and tumble dryers.

To complement its temperature resistance, tecbond 267W bonds have enough flexibility to withstand small amounts of movement and impact. This is particularly important when used for applications such as automotive interior trim, which experience prolonged bond stress from small movements.

Available in 15mm diameter sticks, tecbond 267W works best with the range of tec 15mm bead application glue guns. The tec 15mm applicators benefit not only from higher output than 12mm applicators, but they also decrease user fatigue, with each trigger pull requiring less effort for similar amounts of adhesive as a 12mm applicator.

Tec applicators are designed to work in tandem with tecbond adhesives to provide users with optimal performance and the highest possible output. With heat-up times of less than three minutes and optional nozzles to suit a variety of applications, tec applicators are the ideal tools for hot melt adhesive application.

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Tecbond 267W

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Viscosity / cPs:
4000 @ 180 °C
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If you’d like any additional information or would like to request a sample, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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