Tecbond 280 – The class-leading, long open time construction adhesive

One of the best-selling adhesives in the tecbond range, tecbond 280 has revolutionised hot melt adhesives in the construction and flooring industries. Specially formulated with a much longer open and working time than most traditional hot melts, tecbond 280 pushes the boundaries on what a hot melt adhesive can achieve.

A polyolefin-based hot melt, tecbond 280 provides versatile adhesion to a number of substrates, including wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and many plastics. Predominately designed for use on both treated and untreated wood, tecbond 280 is the go-to grade for hardwood flooring installers as a starter strip bonding method. Other uses for tecbond 280 include the installation of carpet grippers, transition strips, stair nosing, and skirting boards. Tecbond 280 is also a hot melt substitute for traditional wood glues.

Tecbond 280’s extended open time of around three minutes (under ideal conditions) facilitates longer working times without the worry of the applied adhesive setting before a bond is formed. Additionally, after initial compression, tecbond 280 has a high enough tack to ensure bonds don’t creep but will not instantly set. This allows for small positional movements of the materials, a process that is necessary in some construction and product assembly applications.

Although tecbond 280 provides an ultra-strong bond once properly set, these bonds are not completely rigid or brittle. The finished bonds have some flexibility, allowing for movement of the materials (for example, thermal expansion in flooring). Other comparable adhesives, such as silicone or water-based grades, tend to be very rigid, with no room for movement once the bond fully cures.

Available in 12mm sticks and 43mm slugs, tecbond 280 works best with the range of tec bead application glue guns. When used together, adhesives and guns provide the maximum possible output with minimal effort. This is because tec glue guns and tecbond adhesives are designed and manufactured as a system and provide optimal results when used together.

With its extremely long shelf life and clean-running capabilities, tecbond 280 creates practically zero waste. Tecbond adhesive formulations are non-toxic and don’t require any mixing before use. Any unused glue left in the applicator is simply remelted the next time the gun is switched on.

For more information about tecbond 280 or any other Power Adhesives products, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

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Tecbond 280

Sizes (mm):
12, 43
Open time:
Application temp:
Viscosity / cPs:
3300 @ 180 °C
Low temp:
Pale Amber
If you’d like any additional information or would like to request a sample, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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