Tecbond 7785 – The temperature and chemical-resistant hot melt for the automotive industry

A leading polyamide adhesive in the tecbond range, tecbond 7785 is the go-to grade for bonding substrates that regularly experience high temperatures and frequent chemical contact. Much like many other polyamide grades in the tecbond range, its benefits and usability stretch far beyond that of chemical resistance.

Tecbond 7785 is a polyamide adhesive designed for product assembly and some specialist packaging applications. The adhesive works best on wood and fabric but has also proven excellent for bonding most metals and many composite plastics. 7785 can also be used as an encapsulation compound for protecting fragile electronics.

Capable of being subjected to temperatures as high as 135°C and as low as -10°C, tecbond 7785 is one of the most versatile adhesives in the tecbond range. This heat resilience, coupled with its class-leading chemical resistance and encapsulation properties, is what makes 7785 ideal for the assembly of parts in the automotive industry. Many large car manufacturers use tecbond 7785 to not only construct their oil and air filters but also protect the car’s smaller electronic components.

Featuring a very high molten tack, bonding is almost instantaneous upon compression, with no additional clamping required to form a secure bond. Once properly set, the bond has enough flexibility to allow material movement without causing cohesive or substrate failure.

Tecbond 7785 is part of the automotive range of tecbond adhesives, along with grades including 267W and 246, which can be used in the production and maintenance of vehicles. This is perhaps one of the most demanding areas for hot melt adhesives, as difficult substrates, combined with temperature and chemical resistance requirements, make adhesive selection challenging.

Tecbond 267W is a white, polymer-based hot melt adhesive designed to bond polyolefin plastics through a chemical bond. This ability to bond plastics makes it unique among hot melt adhesives. Tecbond 267W is widely used in the production of crash helmets, sun visors, automotive trim, and white goods.

Tecbond 246 is a specialised hot melt designed for use with PDR (paintless dent removal) systems. The adhesive is added to a dent-pulling tab and bonded to the dent. After 5–10 minutes, the mechanism is ready to pull the dent out and restore the panel to its original shape. The bond is then loosened by pulling the attachment sideways. Once removed, the excess residue is cleaned using white spirit, acetone, or thinners.

All tecbond automotive grades are designed to be used with the tec range of applicators to achieve the highest possible output whilst minimising effort. Tec glue guns are designed to heat up within three minutes and dispense upwards of 1kg an hour, reducing downtime and allowing users to work faster.

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Tecbond 7785

Sizes (mm):
12, 15, 43
Open time:
Application temp:
Viscosity / cPs:
5500 @ 190 °C
Low temp:
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