Tecbond 214B – The first fully-certified biodegradable hot melt

For the past few years, Power Adhesives has been developing a new adhesive formulation that we believe we be the catalyst in reducing the environmental impact of hot melt adhesives. With the debate around packaging waste at an all-time high, the task was to create a hot melt adhesive that was kinder to the environment after serving its intended purpose.

After extensive research and development, Power Adhesives has created the world’s first, fully-certified-shaped hot melt adhesive formulation, Tecbond 214B. Based on the popular Tecbond 214 packaging adhesive, Tecbond 214B is made from 44% bio-based materials and retains all the same properties of Tecbond 214B with the added benefit of biodegrading after use, with no harmful effects to nature.

How does it work?

The biodegradation process begins upon exposure to three key elements: oxygen, UV light and heat. Oxygen alone will initiate the process, and the introduction of UV light and heat accelerates the biodegradation cycle.

On a molecular level, these three elements initiate the accelerated breakdown of the long-chain polymers within the adhesive. Once the process begins, it is irreversible and constant in the continued presence of oxygen.

After the long-chain polymers have broken down, they can be consumed by micro-organisms in much the same way that natural waste is, leaving behind only non-harmful products, with no microplastics.

Due to its biodegradation and environmental safety, Tecbond 214B has been certified to a number of standards, including ASTM D6400 (biodegradation by industrial composting), EN13432 (eco-toxicity and disintegration compliance), and ASTM 6954 (Standard guide for exposing and testing plastics that biodegrade).

What is it used for?

Tecbond 214B, like Tecbond 214, is a short open time, economical packaging adhesive, predominantly used to secure cartons. A more cost-effective alternative to tapes and staples, Tecbond 214B features high tack for a near-instant hold when compressed, a short open time for a faster initial adhesion and a strong final bond that stands up to the rigors of transport and handling.

Outside of carton closures, Tecbond 214B is suitable for any bonding application involving uncoated cardboard and paper substrates. This includes POS displays, wrap-around cartons, cardboard storage trays and even paper bags.

Available in 12mm and 15mm sticks and 43mm slugs, Tecbond 214B is compatible with the entire range of Tec applicators, delivering optimum output with minimal effort, and thus able to complete even the most demanding of applications.

How do I use Tecbond 214B?

Crucially, Tecbond 214B is applied in the same way as any other hot melt adhesive in the Tecbond range. As the bonding properties are identical to those of the original grade, the amount of adhesive required to form a bond is unchanged.

The only necessary changes come in the form of storage and what to do if a stick has been exposed to oxygen and UV light prior to application.

We advise keeping Tecbond 214B in its original packaging, out of direct sunlight and under 30°C prior to use. To avoid unnecessary exposure and subsequent wastage, only take the adhesive you require from the box. Much like our polyamide adhesives, we recommend not using Tecbond 214B beyond 24 months of manufacture.

Any adhesive left in the applicator after use should be purged after 24 hours to avoid compromission of adhesive qualities. Simply feed a fresh stick into the applicator and dispense until you are confident the previous stick has been expelled.

For more technical information on Tecbond 214B or to arrange a demonstration of the product, contact our sales team.


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