Working together with
Colourful Beginnings to support
NICUs around the country

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, often overlooking the small miracles happening around us every day.

Colourful Beginnings is a UK-registered charity. They envision a world where families and women with premature and sick babies in NICUs are provided with the correct care and comfort throughout their whole journey—whether they’re within the hospital walls, after discharge, or beyond.

It’s with great pride that we, at Power Adhesives, are gifting tec 305-12 glue guns and hot melt sticks to help this incredible organisation. Colourful Beginnings will be using our guns and adhesives for decorations, sticking items together, and adding a little bit of life to their crochet animals.

The core of Colourful Beginnings’ efforts is their ‘Treasure Boxes.’ These boxes are far more than just containers; they are precious bundles of comfort and support for families when they need it most. Each ‘Treasure Box’ is thoughtfully packed with essential items that offer solace during the NICU stay. These items include blankets, crochet animals, bonding hearts, NICU journals, nourishing snacks, and so much more.

What makes Colourful Beginnings truly extraordinary is that they provide these ‘Treasure Boxes’ to families completely free of charge. Their dedication to this cause relies on the generosity of individuals who contribute their time, resources, and personal funds.

This is where the heart of their mission truly shines.

To ensure that each ‘Treasure Box’ is filled with love and care, Colourful Beginnings has started an in-person crafting group that gathers every Monday from 7:30 p.m. at The Sandmartin pub, Chafford Hundred, RM16 6PP. You can bring your own projects, knit, or crochet items from hats to cuddly octopuses, which will find a loving home within these boxes.

It’s not just about crafting; it’s about creating a space where individuals can come together, share their experiences, and form bonds that go beyond the threads they weave.

We are inspired by the dedication and selflessness shown by Colourful Beginnings, and we’re excited to support them in their mission to provide hope and comfort to families in need.

If you’re feeling generous today, please consider donating to Colourful Beginnings.

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