Product Assembly Adhesives

Tecbond hot melt adhesives can be used for many product assembly applications.

Tecbond hot melt adhesives can be used for many product assembly applications, and are used extensively in automotive, electronics and furniture production.

Our product assembly adhesives are available to bond almost every grade of plastic, with different formulations for bonding the different materials. These adhesives are also available with different viscosities; low viscosity for close bonds and high viscosities for gap filling and porous material like cloth and foam.

Some adhesives have high and low temperature resistance, which is useful in automotive applications, where others have chemical resistance which helps in filter applications.

The adhesives can be applied using the tec hand guns, which make it easy for the adhesive to be placed accurately in the correct volume. Tecbond product assembly adhesive is supplied in 12, 15 and 43mm sizes to fit the different glue guns available. In general, the larger sizes are used for the higher volume applications as melt rate is increased and reloading time reduced.

The main advantage of using hot melt glue within product assembly is that the bond is made almost instantly when the adhesive is compressed. This reduces the need for clamping or secondary fixings, and in some cases the hot melt itself is used as the instant clamp whilst a slower curing structural adhesive is allowed to set.

Plus, our hot melt glue does not contain any moisture or solvents – so odours and mould are eliminated from the finished product.

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