How does the spraytec system work compared to regular spray adhesives?

The spraytec system from Power Adhesives is a pioneering, innovative, and sustainable technology to replace solvent-based aerosol adhesives. Contrary to its name, the unique application method does not atomise the adhesive but instead creates a swirl pattern, ensuring a wide area of coverage with none of the drawbacks of traditional aerosol adhesives.

Despite their easy-to-use functionality, aerosol spray adhesives have a hugely negative health and environmental impact due to the VOC content, prompting users of these adhesives to look for cleaner, more cost-effective solutions.

So how does it work?

Unlike aerosol adhesives in spray cans, the spraytec system uses compressed air to dispense hot melt. The technology works by partnering a pneumatic, air-assisted applicator with uniquely formulated 43mm hot melt glue slugs. This size of glue ensures sufficient output without the need for a bulk melting tank.

When an adhesive slug is placed into the chamber, pulling the trigger sends compressed air through the tool, which in turn moves the feed mechanism. This mechanism pushes the glue slug into the thermostatically controlled heating chamber. The chamber maintains a constant temperature of 180°C to ensure adhesive is melted on-demand.

The now-molten adhesive is then pushed through the specially designed nozzle. As the adhesive is extruded through the central hole, compressed air is released through five small flutes on the outer ring of the nozzle. This causes a vortex around the bead of adhesive, forcing it into a spiral pattern. This pattern is adjustable using a small screw on the back of the applicator, which adjusts the pressure of the vortex air.

What are the benefits of the spraytec system?

The spraytec system removes the issue of VOCs commonly associated with aerosol spray adhesives and the waste product in empty cans or pots. Spraytec adhesives do not contain organic solvents or VOCs, which is not only cleaner for the environment, but also means operators can use the product without needing to wear PPE. This creates savings, and spraytec offers further value as 100% of the adhesive is used in the bonding process. This is compared to solvent-based adhesives, which contain only 30 to 40% solid contents, with the rest being VOC.

Compared to bead application, swirling hot melt allows users to cover a large surface area faster and affects the application temperature. As the adhesive is spiralised, it cools far quicker than a bead, allowing application to heat-sensitive substrates, like expanded polystyrene and foam, without causing damage. Another unique property of spraytec adhesives is their ability to stay tacky, even after they have cooled and gone solid. Spraytec grades 420, 425 and 430 all have open times of around three minutes or more, despite cooling and hardening within a fraction of this time.

All spraytec adhesives also have an unlimited shelf life. Without risk of expiry, any adhesive left in the applicator after use can simply be remelted the next time it is switched on and used as normal with no effect on the adhesive properties.

Spraytec adhesives have been used for over 15 years in the production of mattresses, POS stands, furniture, HVAC units and much more. The system continues to be at the forefront of what is achievable with hot melt adhesives.

For more information about the spraytec system, or if you would like to request a demonstration with one of our sales team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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