Spraytec: The hot melt system that’s kinder to people and the planet

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Environmentally responsible sprayable hot melt technology

Power Adhesives have pioneered the innovation of sprayable hot melt technology in the adhesives industry.

The company’s spraytec system dispenses hot melt glue in a unique “swirl” pattern and is designed to be kinder to people and the planet than other kinds of spray adhesive.

Sprayable aerosol cans contain highly flammable and hazardous solvents that produce airborne particles when used, necessitating the need for respiratory PPE and air extraction equipment. Up to 70% of the aerosol can contents is solvent that you pay for, but does not form part of the adhesive that makes the bond. In comparison, spraytec adhesives are non-toxic, solvent-free, and will not become airborne when applied. This negates the need for PPE; reducing costs, waste and creating a safer environment for operators.

Spraytec adhesives are non-toxic, solvent-free, and will not become airborne when applied

Furthermore, spraytec adhesives generate minimal waste, which is better for the environment. They have an indefinite shelf life, and any adhesive leftover in the gun can be remelted when it is next turned on. The glue guns and adhesives are packed in recyclable cardboard packaging wherever possible, too. Aerosol cans require appropriate disposal when empty and can contain residual solvent, creating waste issues and increasing the cost of the manufacturing process.

Efficient and cost-effective

Used in a number of industries, the spraytec system offers its users a more efficient and cost-effective way to bond substrates. The adhesives’ high tack and coverage mean a thinner filament can be applied whilst still maintaining excellent bond strength. This higher instant tack also means that less adhesive can be used—preventing overconsumption and making the adhesive go further.

This also means the glue can be applied to heat-sensitive materials without causing damage to the substrate. Unlike a bead application, the spray glue is less likely to run or drip once applied due to its thinner coverage and high tack. There’s no overspray either, which reduces the risk of contamination and the cost of cleaning.

Spraytec adhesives have been specially formulated to work in tandem with the 6300 and 7300 tec glue guns to achieve fast and even coverage with the minimum amount of effort.

Spraytec adhesives have been specially formulated to work in tandem with the 6300 and 7300 tec glue guns to achieve fast and even coverage with the minimum amount of effort. Both guns have adjustable spray patterns to aid coverage and application time. After initial warm-up, tec glue guns are designed to melt the adhesive “on-demand,” avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. They come with a warranty and service options included, extending the life of the gun.

Get in touch

If you’d like any additional information about the spraytec system and adhesives or would like to request a sample, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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