Vactac – The non-toxic positioning adhesive for use in vacuum infusion processes

The Vactac hot melt system from Power Adhesives is used for positioning reinforcement materials and peel ply layers in the mould prior to resin infusion.

This versatile, safe, and solvent-free hot melt technology delivers higher levels of tack than is possible with traditional aerosol cans. The high levels of tack reduce the amount of adhesive required, which minimises both the cost, and the risk of impacting the composite structure.

The adhesive is dispensed in a swirl pattern, which provides the same coverage and bonding properties as spray cans but is free from any solvents or propellants. This negates the need for respiratory PPE while preventing overspray, which is another common problem with aerosol spray adhesives.

Aerosol spray adhesives are currently widely used to hold the fibreglass reinforcement layers together during the dry lay-up process. Not only are these spray can adhesives harmful to both users and the environment, but a large proportion of their contents are solvents that do not form part of the adhesive, and are therefore wasted. Aerosol cans also need to be specially disposed of once used, resulting in additional costs on top of the purchase cost.

Adhesion and cost benefits

Vactac adhesives provide higher levels of tack than is possible with aerosols, lasting up to five minutes so that core materials can be positioned and adjusted. This gives the user more time and flexibility to work.

Vactac is not only cooler on contact than regular hot melts, but the lack of VOCs means it can be used on any material commonly used in dry lay-up processes.

Despite the initial outlay for the Vactac system, the subsequent costs saved greatly outweigh the purchase costs. In addition to reducing adhesive waste due to overspray, Vactac adhesives are up to £0.45 cheaper per square metre when assessed by coat weight. Along with the reduction in disposal costs, users can also save on respiratory PPE, air extraction equipment, and disposable workwear.

The Vactac adhesive system is available with the choice of two applicators and two adhesives. Both the 6300 and 7300 applicators are pneumatic spray guns with an adjustable spray pattern for accurate coverage. The 7300 applicator features a speed loader, allowing the user to load up to four glue cartridges at a time.

Vactac 100 and 200 both feature a five-minute open time and very high tack. Vactac 100 is off-white in colour and becomes almost invisible once applied, making it best for when the user is bonding transparent materials. Vactac 200 has a slightly higher output than 100 due to its lower viscosity and is dark amber in colour, making it much easier to see when applied.

If you’d like any additional information about Vactac or would like to request a demonstration, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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