Tecbond automotive adhesives

The tecbond range of automotive adhesives provides users with a safe and cost-effective alternative to other, more destructive methods of automotive construction and repair. The range includes an easy-to-use dent pull adhesive, a chemical-resistant adhesive for the manufacturing and repairing of oil and fuel pumps, and a long open-time adhesive designed to bond powder-coated surfaces.
referenceSizesChemOpen timeApplication tempViscosity / cPsSPHRLow tempColour
reference: Tecbond 246
Versatile dent pulling adhesive for paintless car dent removal (PDR) applications. High pull strength, easy to remove
Sizes: 12
Chem: EVA
Open time: Medium
Application temp: 160-195°C
Viscosity / cPs: 12000 @ 180 °C
SP: 86°C
HR: 75°C
Low temp: -10°C
Colour: Clear and Black
reference: Tecbond 267W
High heat resistance, suitable for internal trim applications, bonds to many plastics and powder coated surfaces
Sizes: 15
Chem: PO
Open time: Long
Application temp: 180-215°C
Viscosity / cPs: 4000 @ 180 °C
SP: 150°C
HR: 105°C
Low temp: 0°C
Colour: White
reference: Tecbond 7785
Chemical resistant hot melt for applications where fuel and oil resistance is required (filter manufacture)
Sizes: 12, 15, 43
Chem: Polyamide
Open time: Medium
Application temp: 195-215°C
Viscosity / cPs: 5500 @ 190 °C
SP: 155°C
HR: 135°C
Low temp: -10°C
Colour: Amber